brooke m feldman

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Brooke openly identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ communities and a person in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder. What this means for Brooke is that she has not used alcohol or other drugs for many years and, in turn, has been able to stop the intergenerational transmission of addiction that claimed her own mother’s life at a young age. After spending her adolescent years in and out of many institutions and involved with the juvenile justice system, Brooke turned her life around at the age of 24. Since that time, much of Brooke’s energy and efforts have gone into advocacy and action work geared toward making long-term recovery accessible to all. Having spent the past decade working in various direct care, community outreach, administrative/policy, program coordination and training roles under some of the field’s highest regarded leaders, Brooke has combined her lived experience with a wide spectrum of professional experience to serve as a support to those in or seeking recovery. Brooke firmly believes that long-term recovery is not about luck or good fortune but more so about individuals and families having access to what it is they need, when they need it and for however long they need it. Additionally, Brooke believes that the gifts and wisdom uncovered in the addiction recovery journey can and ought to be applied universally to the human experience and shared with the larger world.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good evening,

    I am a frequent visitor to your websites and articles and I really enjoy reading it daily. I was born into addiction, never made it past 5th grade, and subsequently battled my own personal addictions and I want to thank you because you’ve helped me in my journey to recovery. Even when I felt hopeless, I could always count on your website for inspiration and motivation to stay focused and on track. This combined with the support of my dear friend Mike is the sole reason i am here today and continue to dedicate my self to sobriety and peace within my self.

    Mike is a fellow Philadelphian and a veteran who battled sever addiction and homelessness. He was able to overcome these hurdles and while doing so he found his calling in life. He created LOV, (Loving Our Vets). His dream is to assist our veterans that are battling addiction and homelessness with a more in depth, hands on, and thorough assistance then what is currently available.

    After several people advised him to do so, he started a gofundme page and in 4 days raised over $2,500! I’m not asking you to donate, in fact I would ask you not to.

    My only hope is that you read his short mission statement and background, and only after reading it, if you believe in him and his goals would you please share his story and mission? Or just a link to his story? I wouldn’t be a fan of your website if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to share your articles with my peers in recovery if he hadn’t stepped in and helped me become a better me.


    He means so much to me and to so many others in recovery. Simply sharing a link to his story would make him so happy. He never takes credit for anything, he genuinely wants to see people be the best they can be. Even if your unable to share his story, I will always remain a loyal reader because your website has meant so much to me, and to so many in recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



    1. Hi Deron,

      Thank you so much for your message! I’m glad you enjoy my writing and that it is has been a source of inspiration and motivation – my greatest hope when I write is that what comes out has that effect on at least one person. I appreciate the gift of you sharing the fact that it has.
      I just checked out the link you sent about LOV and I’m a fan! Mike has a beuatifully powerful story and is looking to offer a much needed service in Philly (and beyond).
      I’m happy to share the link through social media and hope to meet both you and Mike some day.
      Keep up the great work!


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