#RecoverOutLoud over Coffee

When stopping at the same Dunkin Donuts I stop at every single day, a lovely lady who works there (and who asks me nearly every single day “how are you?”) asked me how I was doing this morning. I told her that I was at the amazing Recovery Walk yesterday, explained what it was and shared with her that I’m a person in long-term recovery. 
She turned around to check behind her, then turned back around and whispered out the drive thru window “I have eight years” with a smile and a thumbs up.

As I pulled off, I thought about two things. One of them was: you really often never know who is in recovery.

The second thing was: Eight years in recovery is an awesome, beautiful, heroic accomplishment that should not require having to check behind you and whisper about.  

It was a reminder of why I do what I do. I want the lovely lady at Dunkin Donuts, with all of the community-enhancing gifts of recovery that she likely has to give, to be able to better the world by being open about her recovery. 

 I want her to be able to #RecoverOutLoud.

And oh yeah, we’re getting her, maybe her family and hopefully a friend or 10 to next year’s Recovery Walk!

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